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Ice. Snow. Cold. That is what one thinks when hearing the word “arctic” – the record in Norway is minus 50 or so C. That is technically speaking damn cold. Unimaginable cold. So nature has to really prepare the animals living under such circumstances. They need real hi-tech outdoor clothing, so to say. This created a very special breed of hare …

The hares of Lierne grow really big. We started calling them “Jurassic Hare” … the T-Rex of the “Lepus” family. They are very strong and fast and have very good meat. This is why the people here hunt for them in fall before the temps get too harsh. Really tough men these hare hunters. Hard shelled and soft hearted amazing human beings with a real good sense of humor. However, when I presented them with the request for hare feet they laughed. They couldn´t see the connection to fishing. It took a few years until they started to take this serious and were so nice to keep the feet for us fly fishing nerds.

The hare feet are huge. The fibres are really long too. It can be used for a lot of different flies. It floats well and has a very interesting shine to it.

The image shows the original feet we were able to obtain. The all vary a bit in color and size. That´s just the way it is in nature. – That´s one foot per order, not all the ones on the picture, but I guess you understood that part.


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