polarsirkelen casting & fluefiskeforening visiting Skålestrømmen

From Friday 3 July to Friday 9 July, we had Stein Evensen, Tom Thomassen, Halvor J. Røberg and Kim Karstensen as guests here with us at Skålestrømmen. The group experienced a very exciting fishing with very varied weather, wind and water level. They experienced everything from calm winds to up to 10 m / s.

According to themselves, they thrived here and shared some of their impressions and experiences in a small film clip. It was very interesting to hear such experienced fishermen talk about their experiences in our waterways. We are very proud that they both enjoyed and met their expectations of our waters.

Interesting links:

Polarsirkelen casting & fluefiskeforening on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/polarsirkelencasting/

feel free to look at Stein Evensen’s website. It is packed with lots of good information about fly fishing and fly tying – https://www.steins-fluefiske.com/l/om-meg-selv/

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