The Danes were here …

Steen, Kai, Leif and Torben from Denmark had a few nice days at Skålestrømmen. It was fantastic having such positive and happy people around. Some fish were caught too and some hooks bendt open and Torben volunteered for testing the life vests. All in all a success. Anyway, have a look for yourself

Having been flyfishing in Norway each summer since 2004, I have visited many rivers and lakes and had many a good days fishing.
However, I have never been fishing a place like the Skålestrømmen , with so many rising trouts and with such a high quality of trouts !

Those 4 days I/we fished the Skålestrømmen, have been the best flyfishing I have had in Norway and the most fun as well.

Night fishing is especially awesome , where big caddis hatching brings out the big trout and char, and of course the big one got away due to a hook failure.
So remember to use strong barbless hooks!

I can highly recommend visiting Skålestrømmen for serious trout flyfishing.

Torben Berg-Sørensen, Denmark

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