Skålestrømmen Matplan (food plan)**

We suggest the following for the evening dinner we prepare together family style. The raw materials are sourced locally.

Breakfast (around 10:00) is prepared to the guest preference. Bacon and eggs or muesli. Its all there. We eat dinner around 18:00. Lunch is flexible and mostly sandwiches. There is always fruits, breads cheese and conducts available for sensible self service.

Saturday – welcome fest for the new guest with moose stew.

Sunday – smoked & grilled  trout* with potatoes, salat

Monday – Lambstew

Tuesday – Elgburger with potatoes & Salad

Wednesday – asian style wok with chicken and / or lamb.

Thursday – Catch of the day grilled on open fire.

Friday – Grillfest with “pølser” and trout* and char* 

*fish is always fresh from Skålestrømmen. We prepare what we and our guests catch. So if our combined efforts weren’t productive (never happens really) we have to find an alternative.

**These are suggestions. Skålestrømmen is not a Restaurant in the common sense. A part of your fee is used to buy food so we can prepare it together. The group experience is really in focus.