Partridge Gammarus

Like the USD Caddis, Oliver Edward’s Gammarus version features very realistic legs and is very convincing. This pattern is certainly the more complicated way of tying a Gammarus imitation, but it’s worth the extra effort. The partridge feather legs look very real in the water. I have seen fish cross a stream to pick up this fly from the riverbed.

Gammarus feed on debris, so they are often found where there are leaves and other organic material decomposing in the water. Look for the decomposing vegetation and leaves in the water, trout are often to be found feeding here in the late summer and early autumn. These often pile up in back eddies and such.

From there, the shrimp are often dislodged and washed downstream with the current. Drop your fly into this food-stream and expect to be amazed. Try various forms of presentation. The little buggers are good swimmers and dart about quite actively when running for food and cover. They come in many different sizes too, any hook size from 18 to10 works very well.

Hook: Czech nymph hook

Thread: Dyneema 55 

Weight: Adhesive lead foil or lead wire 

Body: Fly-Rite or hares fur dubbing 

Legs: Partridge feathers in dubbing loop

shellback: VN Flexibody(TM)

Fly Tying at Skålestrømmen

Fly tying classes are part of the inclusive packages we offer at Skålestrømmen. You can learn to make these all these flies yourself. Tying materials and tools will be supplied if cannot bring your own.

The fly shown works very well in Skålestrømmen (and around the world). There are of course many other, mostly more complicated types of flies that also work, but we like it simple and efficient.

This fly and video are part of “Fly Tying – Modern Classics for Trout and Grayling – by Thomas Züllich” Fly Tying by Thomas Züllich is a digital book available on the apple bookstore and also via the Skålestrømmen online store. You can order and download a pdf version, which you can use in conjunction with the instructional videos on YouTube.

The book includes 90 minutes of video, over 100 pages of text and a many interactive graphics. The beauty is that you can read and learn about fly tying techniques at your own pace and then use the videos on your computer.

The intention is to make the fly angler understand and fabricate effective trout flies and also being able to improve and simplify the flies he’s been tying so far. The approach is to use old techniques and take them further to modern flies. While the reader can learn semi realistic nymphs and extended body flies, as well as patterns just based on one or two materials.

Staying true to his German craftsman roots, the author approaches fly tying in very efficient way. Thomas Züllich is a well respected fly tier known for his engaging and fresh approach.

The book features crisp interactive graphic content, videos and over 100 pages of informative and entertaining text. The book’s glossary explains over 100 fly fishing specific terms. To even learn more and discuss the fly patterns in the book the author maintains a facebook group. –

ALSO AVAILABLE AS IBOOK The book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Multi-touch books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Books with interactive features may work best on an iOS device. iBooks on your Mac requires OS X 10.9 or later.

THIS MATERIAL IS PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT. Excerpt From Fly Tying by Thomas Züllich available on Apple iBooks
THIS MATERIAL IS PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT. Excerpt From Fly Tying by Thomas Züllich available on Apple iBooks