our house bird Bert…

One of the friends you will make here is Bert. He follows you around whenever you come out of the hut. Clearly because your feet are stirring up the insects he feeds on, but as a humans with a heart we like to believe he follows you because he likes you.

Bert has now found a wife… Bertine. I was wondering what was going on as he dressed himself up. But then I understood. There was a lot of commotion in the trees which I did not photograph. Bert deserves a bit of privacy.

Bert then decided to start building a nest in the wheel housing of my car. I found that a bit unpractical. A car suspension is hardly a good place to lay eggs and raise young birds. so we had bit of discussion. I ended up using brute force and moved the car. Berts testosterone level was too high to understand the implications of his choice of home.