Kristin, Martin & Peter

This week we had Kristin & Martin as guests. They are from Mittersill in Austria. They own the Stefflhof farm. A really remarkable place.

They came to see the midnight sun and learn to fish. As a bonus they saw a lot of wildlife like beavers, lots of birds, the midnight sun and learned to fish, what they have never done before. Total beginners are allowed to fish with the spinrod of course. Everyone should have the chance to catch a fish. Kristin got 3 and Martin one.

Peter was our guest at the same time. Peter loved the undisturbed fishing. He was fishing hard this week and was rewarded well for his effort. When the E. Vulgata started to hatch the bIg ones came up and he got a 55cm big at the end of his line.

Kristin took many pictures at Skålestrømmen and around.