June 2019 wrap up

June 2019 was the first month for Skålestrømmen Fly Fishing. We had a really good start with fantastic guests from Belgium, Austria and Denmark.

The weather was rather chaotic. From snow on May 29th to 26 degrees and blistering sunshine on June 4th. The buzzer hatches in the first two weeks we’re crazy. Loads of fish feeding on the top and good fishing could be had.

Water level was “OK”, but too high for wading except for spot 1. The Neck. However, fishing there was not on its height yet, even so the first 1kg fish wer caught there. Check out the fishing spots here

A lot happened right by the hut (16. Lake Pool), as well as in the stream. Our guests from Belgium had a great time.

Geert & Jan from Belgium

The first June also marked the day we did install the new sign by the road. This was obviously a very good idea as Peter from Denmark found the sign and us. After a cup of coffee and and informative talk he decided to stay for a week.

Peter was not afraid of the strong winds he face during his week. It rather motivated him and so we learned a new approach top mayfly fishing. The Ephemera Vulgata started hatching and we could see groups of seagulls were hunting them. Peter followed his instincts and paddled out to the spot, even though it was blowing with 7m/s, right across from the hut. His effort was rewarded – he got a really big fish. Peter is a very good fisherman, but not a photographer, so the is no evidence in form of pixels. But look at him. Would he lie?

Peter the Dane

Kristin and Martin from Austria came to experience the bright nights and the nature in Lierne. Originally fishing was second on their list, but it was soon put first. They were literally hooked.

Kristin & Martin … and Peter

Big thanks goes to Joker Lierne. Camilla is always there to help.

and to Lierne Viltforedling for their amazing products. The food we prepared with their meats was very much appreciated by our guest.

Please read our blog for more pictures and impressions.

Photo Highlights June 2019