Inflatable life vests at Skålestrømmen Fly Fishing

The safety of our guests is the first priority at Skålestrømmen Fly Fishing, but safety needs to be comfortable as well. Therefore we supply inflatable live vests, which do not hinder your casting when fishing from a boat and wading deeper waters.

We supply one jacket per guest for the duration of the stay – at no extra charge of course. It was all part of our service.

Each boat is equipped with a landing net as well, because we know you’ll need it.

The top of the line is only good enough. Regatta Aquasafe – Regattas bestseller! Light and comfortable inflatable lifejacket with adjustable belt with buckle, crotch strap and whistle, and reflections on the lung. Aquasafe is equipped with crotch strap as standard equipment.