FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is the Skålestrømmen address?

Rengsveien 155
7884 Sørli, Norway
phone +47 97123033
email zullich@me.com
GPS: 64.133413, 13.906638

How to get to Skålestrømmen? Which is the nearest Airport and how does one commute from there?

Nearest International Airport is Trondheim. https://avinor.no/flyplass/trondheim 

From there it is around 280km by car. Google and other GPS system have a hard time finding our address. It is better to enter the GPS coordinates into your navigation device. 

GPS: 64.133413, 13.906638

Are there any small towns or villages or other places of interest nearby?

There is a lot of nature around Skålestrømmen but you also have easy access to small viallges with shops. The closest one are about 10km away. However, driving one hour is concidered being around the corner, so a rental car is a good thing to have. On arrival we will explain the nearby opportunities and also supply a map.

What are the cost?

We offer inclusive packages with accommodation, boats, licenses, all meals includeed, so that you do not have to worry about anything. Enjoy your stay in you own pace an in absolete freedom.

4-day package for NOK 3.950kr. 
Four day (Tuesday to Friday) fly fishing vacation including accomodation, meals, boats, guiding, fly tying, casting tuitition.
Tuesday check-in between 13:00 – 15:00 or Monday evening after 16:00, Friday check-out before 11:00.

Weekend package is NOK 4.550kr.  
Weekend 3 day (Friday to Monday) fly fishing vacation including accomodation, meals, boats, guiding, fly tying, casting tuitition. Check-in between 13:00 – 15:00, check-out before 11:00

Combining the two packages to one week is NOK 8.500kr.

All payments to be made in Norwegian Crowns. You can check the currency converter for orientation.


Is there a typical daily schedule at Skålestrømmen? Is the fishing only at night-time?

Freedom to do whatever you like is in focus here at Skålestrømmen. Breakfast is from roughly 9:00 to 11:00 and dinner is at 6. You have access to food 24 hours though.

Is there WiFi available?

The Norwegian 4G network is available pretty much everywhere. It is advisable to check the roaming rate with you cell phone provider or get a prepay SIM chip at the airport.

Is the toilet outside or in the cabin?

The hut is 100% self-contained. We are focussing on a very low impact. Electricity 12V is provided via sun panels. The toilet is outside. We have a gas heated shower with warm water inside and gas heated warm water in the kitchen.

What species of fish can we expect in Skålestrømmen?

Fly rod and trout - fishing for trout and Arctic char at Skålestrømmen, Norway

Skålestrømmen and the lake Ulen above and Rengen below are solely but abundantly populated by wild Brown trout and Artic char. The average size for trout at Skålestrømmen is between 0,4 and 1 kg. However, there are reported catches of up to 3 kg.

What are the regulations & bag limit?

Please refer to the rules page here – Skålestrømmen fishing rules

How about bringing a fish to the table for dinner?

We actually encourage our guests to do so. It just completes the experience. Tasting a true wild fish is unforgettable.

Judging by your site and the flies used there are plenty of dries i.e CDC’s , Klinks and so on so the light must be good at night time?

The nighttime i summer is bright. Many of the pictures on the page are taken around midnight and some of the best ones even with mobile phones.

What sort of tackle do I need to bring?

Please refer to the Tackle & Flies page.

We fly-fish regularly for Trout & Grayling at home so we think we’re Ok as per what is needed and so on. But most of our fish are stocked.

We do not have one single stocked fish here. All fish are wild, meaning they were born and raised in these waters. So the trout might be different to what your are used to, specifically in fighting power.

Are there Grayling too?

We do not have grayling but a trip to Swedish waters with good Grayling can be arranged.

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