Booking now also possible via Andino Travel

We are proud to announce that our Swiss guests now also have the possibility to book complete packages including flights, rental car etc. via Andino Reisen.

Andino Reisen is a member of the STAR Association and are affiliated to the guarantee fund of Swiss Travel Security. In addition, they are a member of the Swiss Travel Agency Association.

You benefit is that your deposited funds are ensured. This insurance is compulsory in Switzerland, but unfortunately not all travel agencies have this customer protection. Ask for this insurance with each booking at the travel agency – otherwise there is a risk that you pay your vacation twice. By using Andino Reisen you are well protected.

Andino Reisen managing director Rolf Häuptli has fished in Skålestrømmen and was fascinated by the possibilities and the fact that we are a “trout and Arctic char only” destination.

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