The fishing spots

The fishing spots – Skålestrømmen secrets


Skålestrommen is a 100% private and independent trout and Arctic char fishery. We can guarantee undisturbed fishing in beautiful landscapes.

Let’s have a look at all the spots going downstream.


During the dark hours neck of the stream often sees good rises of trout and char. The fishing can be very easy one day and very hard the next. It is all down to the wind direction, water level and the hatch.

Fished from land

One should be able to cast a longer line and have good line management skills. The use of a net, common sense and strategy is important. Many fish are lost when they run into the very shallow parts. However, on very calm days this is the perfect beginners spot as  the fish come very close.

2. The stream

The stream is a fascinating fishing spot. One could call it a fly fishing laboratory. On these 200m stretch you have the possibility to practice everything, and see the results of your efforts right away. It is mind-blowing how complex the fishing can be. Some spend the whole week fishing this little river. The amount of fish during the night is simply staggering.

Fished from land

The stream is rather shallow and ideally fished with dry flies. However, the methods presenting vary from dead drift to down and across and rather classic wet fly presentations. The stream is best fished from the true right bank. The light is much better for seeing your fly and line. Refrain from wading as much as possible. You surely stand there where a fish wanted to place himself. They feed in extremely shallow water sometimes.Landing spot & accessWhen having passed by bear island place your boat on the sandy beach below the private hut. Walk upstream or sit down on the bid rocks and contemplate a bit while waiting for the evening & night rise to start. Be patient and bring insect repellant.

3. Whirlpool

The Whirlpool is rather deep and sports a drop-off where the stream ends. It might pay off to swing a wet-fly there.

Fished from Boat

The main area of this large pool is like a small lake. However, the currents are rather funny and contradictory to what you might think. It’s best fished from a boat or belly-boat (when water level is lower and the current not so strong). The fishing boats we have feature anchors so can place yourself upwind.

Fished from land – Landing spots

You can also place your boat on the true right hand side opposite the boathouse. There is a shallow part and fish tend feed either side of the submerged break.

You can also place your boat on bear island and wade in.

4. Bear island

Well, there are no bears on this little island. Don´t worry. However, we once managed to spook ourselves and thought the footprints we found were by a bear. With closer inspection we realised that they were footprints from a kid having walked barefoot on the beach of the tiny island. The island is a good spot for landing your boat as you can reach many other spots wading.5. Mayfly pool 1The main area of this pool is rather shallow. This pool is almost always calm and not plagued by wind. The high forest around stops even the hardest north-west winds. The bottom is rather sandy and the ideal habitat for mayflies – hence the name.Fished from BoatTry to anchor your boat upwind. However, the fish here seem to be more careful, so you need to cast longer from a boat. Presenting emerger patterns down-stream is a proven method here. Camouflage your leader & tippet with fullers earth mix.Fished from land – Landing spotsYou can also place your boat on bear island and wade in.

6. Mayfly pool 2

This area is deeper than pool  1 and best from a boat. Same methods & flies apply as described above.

7. Dead tree corner

One of the landmarks a Skålestrømmen, definitely a good photo opportunity. Please refrain from going on land here. The beaver lives under the old tree.

8. Dark pool

In lack of a better name we call this place “the dark pool”. It’s pretty deep and dark and holds some big trout. One seldom sees a rise there, but using streamers and sinking lines have brought big fish to hand.

Fished from Boat

Try to anchor your boat upwind. A little shame really as one is just below mayfly pool 2 and sees fish rising, so we don’t fish this pool too often. Too many options really.

9. Moose crossing

The name is derived from that one can often see moose crossing the water. Another good reason to row the boat and not use a motor. One can only experience such when being quiet. The beaver is swimming around there too. He smacks his tail on the water with a loud splash if he does not like you being around. Be prepared and don’t fall out of the boat then.

Fished from Boat

Try to anchor your boat upwind or “park” it on top of the rocks there. There are hidden “creeks” which are worth exploring with nymphs, sort of czech style.

10. Eagle pool

This pool could also be called beaver pool as the beaver is often seen here. I named it eagle pool as I observed an osprey hunting in this pool. Quite an impressive sight. These birds can reach a wingspan of 180cm. In Norwegian this bird is called “fish eagle” – hence the name “eagle pool”.

Fished from Boat

Try to anchor your boat upwind or “park” it on top of the rocks of mosse crossing and cast across.

11. Nosy moose

This place is perfect for wading. The bottom is sandy and very easy to walk on. However, watch your backcast. You might hook a moose. The little bay is a drinking and feeding spot. – check out the youtube video.

12. Nosy moose pool

The pool across nosy moose is pretty deep. There is an abrupt drop off right were the grass ends.

Fished from Boat

Try to anchor your boat upwind or fish it drifting through.

13. The flats

It can really boil here when the fish feed on the millions of caddis hatching here.

Fished from Boat

Try to anchor your boat upwind or fish it drifting through.

14. K’s point

This spot can be reached on foot. From there you can walk further up into the flats. It’s also a good spot for fishing with a spinrod …

15. Mink beach

The minks hunts around here – and that with good reason. Right by the bank is a deep pool which is beste fished from boat as there is no space for a backcast.

16. Lake pool

The lake is very shallow with a lot of vegetation and places for the small fish to grow up. However, there are very deep pools too which are best fished from boat. Try to anchor your boat upwind or fish it drifting through.

17. The creek

The creek coming down by the side of the hut is continuing into the lake forming a deep channel. There you can see fish rising from the hut. The lower part is easily fished from boat or belly-boat.