The rules

Fishing rules for Skålestrømmen


The fishing license (angling rights) for Skålestrømmen applies only to Skålestrømmen at Skåle.

Those persons fishing are required to comply with the laws and regulations that apply to this fishery and to make sure that he/she has legal access to the fishery.


Fishing permits/fishing licenses can only be purchased in conjunction with accommodation or guiding. The license entitles the holder to fish with onehand held rod at a time. The fishing license is for personal use only and cannot be transferred.


Fish below minimum/above maximum target size must be released even when hurt or damaged.

The minimum size of trout and char is 25 cm. A catch limit (bag limit) of three trout and two char per angler/day. Fish of 45 cm or more shall be returned carefully. Only fish for consumption at Skålestrømmen are to be taken.


Anglers must be able to produce a valid license. The angler is furthermore obliged to show any fishing gear and/or catch for inspection. Please note that Skålestrømmen authorized bailiffs are empowered with limited police authority.


The fisherman is obliged to give information in connection with the fishing, such as catch statistics, methods used etc.


Only active fishing is allowed. It is not allowed to fish with stringed rods, deadlines etc. The use of baitfish is not allowed. Only barbless hooks are allowed to be used (hooks with a fully crimped barb are sufficient). A maximum of three hooks is allowed per rod. The fisherman is obliged to bring a knotless landing net and a tape measure.


The fishing can be closed if conditions such as high water temperature, fish spawning etc. dictate.


The Skålestrømmen board can make exceptions to the provisions in special cases, should this not conflict with the sustainable management of the fishery.

The fishing regulations come into force from 1.1.2019, and apply until further notice.

To avoid infections and the spreading of parasites, everyone is encouraged to dig down the fishes inners.