Dry fly heaven in norway

The fish (only wild trout and Arctic char) are very keen on dry flies all season from June to September. The area is perfect for those new to the sport of fly-fishing, however the fishing can be pretty challenging even for the avid angler.

The special climate and the structure of the waters around Skålestrømmen are the ideal habitat for trout. The insect life in the waters is incredibly rich and one can find all from Mayflies, Caddis and Stoneflies. The hatches and rises can only be described as epic.

Fly fishing paradise

Fly fishers can easily reach fast moving waters, quieter parts and classic still water fishing within minutes of reach. The waters are 12 to 1 meters deep and there are rather big flats type areas which can be easily waded. There might be a moose looking over you shoulder though.

Learn about the fishing spots and the flies.