Hammock Park @ Skålestrømmen

Thanks a lot to @amokequipment for their nice products. We invested in a few more of their fantastic DRAUMR hammocks so you can also sleep “under the stars”, which honestly is bit little difficult in summer as it does not get dark here in the North. Anyways, you have the sky above you and very fresh air. You can hear and see the moose pretty close. Do not be afraid. The moose, even it is a big animal is scared of humans and runs when you make a noise. So hush hush 😉

Inflatable life vests at Skålestrømmen Fly Fishing

The safety of our guests is the first priority at Skålestrømmen Fly Fishing, but safety needs to be comfortable as well. Therefore we supply inflatable live vests, which do not hinder your casting when fishing from a boat and wading deeper waters.

We supply one jacket per guest for the duration of the stay – at no extra charge of course. It was all part of our service.

Each boat is equipped with a landing net as well, because we know you’ll need it.

The top of the line is only good enough. Regatta Aquasafe – Regattas bestseller! Light and comfortable inflatable lifejacket with adjustable belt with buckle, crotch strap and whistle, and reflections on the lung. Aquasafe is equipped with crotch strap as standard equipment.

Regional fishing license (Fiskekort) available at Skålestrømmen Fly Fishing

As of June 21. 2019 it is also possible to obtain the regional fishing license “Sørlikortet” at Skålestrømmen Fly Fishing.

About “Sørlikortet”

The regional fishing license “Sørlikortet” applies to the entire old Sørli municipality with the exception of the following areas: Tissvasstjønna, Holden, Holdeselva, Vestre Piktjønna, Tortjønna ved Aunet, Gravfossen in the Inderdalselva, and from Gravfossen upstream Berglielva furter passing Kvernfoss and upstream Holøla to the State forest, Skålesstrømmen, Svarttjønna ved Skåle og Daltjønna ved Linneset. These are private waters for which the fishing license has to be obtained separately at the mentioned locations / premises.

Fishing for trout

Brown trout (Salmo trutta / Salmo trutta alpinus) are found in all waters, rivers and streams with fish in. The largest trout are usually taken in the large lakes in Sørli’s valley bottom. Fjellvatna in Sørli is also known for its good fishing. In the mountains, Blåfjellvatna and the mountain lake west of Berglia (Lakavatnet, Luruvatna, Akselvatna, lngeltjønna, Holmtjønna and others), as well as Strivatnet can be mentioned as examples of very good trout lakes.

The best advice we can give you is to ask our locally known card sellers for advice and tips. We still want to come up with some key features when it comes to fishing in Sørli.

River fishing (available with the “Sørlikort”)

Gravåa• Strielva
Øvre del av Holøla

Lakes with Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus)

Stortjønna north of Bakken
Bergtjønna north of for Berglia

In particular, Lenglingen is known for its good fishing in the spring. Kjerdela and Fiskløysa are other waters with a good reputation. Fishing water with char are marked with R on the map.

Other fish species

In Stuguvatnet and Rørsjøen are populations of European whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus). An extra netting license is sold for whitefish in Stuguvatnet. Burbot (Lota lota) is found in all the large lakes in Sørli, namely Lenglingen, Ulen, Rengen, as well as in the mountain lake Lakavatnet, lngeltjønna, Akselvatna, and others. west of Berglia.

Private waters

Skålestrømmen is one of the private water within the Sørli commune. We offer fishing in combination with accommodation and guiding.

about Sørli

The area, also referred to as “little Alaska”, has many opportunities for outdoor activities, including fishing of course.

Skålestrømmen Fly Fishing is a proud member of this unique community and we are very interested in promoting the area as a whole. So it is only natural that we also offer information about the area and sell the local license.

Fishing licenses for Skålestrømmen can only be available for guest of the hut. – read also about the fishing rules for Skålestrømmen.

The Fly Fishing shop

at Skålestrømmen is open whenever the guide is present, which is most of the time between June 1st and September 30th. Don’t hesitate to call in for a coffee and talk about the fishing in the amazing Sørli area.

The sign is up

Welcome to Skålestrømmen.

Check out our booking page or just give Thomas a call on +47 97123033 if you are interested in a very special fly fishing vacation.

Self made is well made. The sign is up and we open on June 1st. Exciting times.