A day in August 2020 at Skålestrømmen

This video shows you the waters at Skålestrømmen on a day in August. The material was shot on August 8. and 12. from 18:00 to 23:00. – please check our website or call for booking +47 97123033 – we offer complete packages for total beginners up to advanced anglers. – English spoken

polarsirkelen casting & fluefiskeforening visiting Skålestrømmen

From Friday 3 July to Friday 9 July, we had Stein Evensen, Tom Thomassen, Halvor J. Røberg and Kim Karstensen as guests here with us at Skålestrømmen. The group experienced a very exciting fishing with very varied weather, wind and water level. They experienced everything from calm winds to up to 10 m / s.

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Dry Fly Bonanza 06.07.2020

Dry Fly Fishing at it’s absolute best. Ephemera Vulgata, or Vulgata for short brings really big trout to the surface. The fish and the anglers go completely bananas. Craziness in it’s best form.

On July 6th we had the first E. Vulgata hatch. Large numbers started coming to the surface. Trout were absolutely feasting on them. See Halvor Røberg with his biggest for the day. (20 inches / 3,4 pounds)

Timelaps of rising fish – 01.07.2020

Vak, three letters which mean the world for an angler. Vak is Norwegian for “rising fish”. The first question in summer is “Har du sett noe vak?” – Have you seen fish rising?

Here at Skålestrømmen you can do so while having a coffee in the morgning. Watch you cup though, you might end up with a mayfly swimming in it.

This video was shot with a Go-Pro. I just had it film for 25 minutes and speeded it up to a minute. No, this is not rain 😉

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Dave the char whisperer

Last week we had Dave, Chris and Gareth from Wales visiting Skålestrømmen. We had tons of fun together I am very happy that Dave caught his dream fish – actually he kept doing it for the rest of the week. Catching char on dry fliy in the night is something very special. Dave fishes with the fly since about 4 month and it was a pleasure to watch him improve so quickly. Meditation is of course a part of the “education” 😉 … he also learned to row a boat and cook proper “kokkekaffe”.

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