Mayor Bente Estil visiting Skålestrømmen

On Monday afternoon, our mayor Bente Estil came to visit. It was a nice afternoon with a lot of good conversations, fantastic weather and good food & coffee. Many thanks for the visit and we hope she gets a chance to come more often. The first attempt at fly fishing looked very promising. She definitely is patient.

About rods & lines.

The most flexible rod for alls sorts of fishing is a 9ft to 9,6ft for a 5wt line. It works well in windy conditions, but a proper 5wt line is also suitable for a careful dry fly presentation.

The by far most versatile line is a DT floating line, a little bit out of fashion, but when fishing at Skålestrømmen you will quickly learn that presentation is 95% of the job. 2% is fly choice, the rest is luck ;-).

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Guiding @ Skålestrømmen i Juli 2021

The COVID-Situation makes survival pretty tough, but we can be happy for that we have – the fantastis fishing at Skålestrømmen. The last weeks we had guests from Oslo and Telemark, who fished the massive hatches in Skålestrømmen. 100% dry-fly fishing. It was great fun and a pleasure guiding and hosting these extremely nice people. – Thomas Züllich, guide, host and everything in between at Skålestrømmen

Impressions of June and july. Enjoy 🙂 © Thomas Züllich

Travel insurance when booking via Andino Reisen in Switzerland

Andino Reisen is glad to inform you of a very important innovation:

Cancellation insurance is automatically included with all of our new bookings when booked. In addition to the usual risks such as illness and accident (from the booking date to the start of the trip), this also covers all costs incurred in the event of cancellation as a result of quarantine regulations or entry bans issued at short notice.

Specifically, this means: Plan your vacation now without risk! Due to this year’s rebooking to 2021, there are already bottlenecks at many popular destinations. In the event of a cancellation due to the pandemic, we will take care of the processing with the insurance company and you will be reimbursed without a waiting period.

rapport 08.07.2020

This week we had Halvor j Røberg, Tom Thomassen, Stein Evensen and Kim Karstensen from Mo I Rana as guests at the Dish Stream. After just two days of learning the water it really narrowed down. Today the gang could report many fish over the kilogram. And mostly dry. “Nervefisk” was the Northern Norwegian word I have learned now 😉 … that means it was pretty good fishing.

Thanks for the pictures, guys. – pictures by Halvor & Tom, fish caught (&released) on 8.7.2020 between 6 and 10 pm.

Rapport 29-06-2020

A small video clip showing the conditions on June 29, 2020. The water level is unusually high for late June. There is still a lot of snow in the mountains that is still melting. Although the water level is about 1.5 to 2 m higher than normally at the end of June / July, Mayflies such as Sulfurea, Aurivilli, small Baetis and also some buzzers are hatching.

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A detour into the Wilderness – Tunnsjøen & Limingen and Sørli

Drone aerial picture of Skålestrømmen - Fly fishing for trout and Arctic char at Skålestrømmen, Norway

If you turn out of the E6 north in Trøndelag you get the chance to feel the wilderness on the body in an area with three national parks

From the south, the route begins at Formofoss. From the north in Namsskogan or Lassemoen, see map at the bottom of the case. Sørli area is located in an exciting area between Lierne and Blåfjella Skjækerfjella National Park and is known as Norway’s Alaska. It doesn’t get much wilder.

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