Skålestrømmen Fishing Forecast June 1st – updated

After a ver cold week with snow ❄️ the weather is turning around 180 degrees. This will be very interesting and one must expect the hatches to explode this week.

Water levels are high but far from a flood. Fishing from the boat on most spots and from land by the run (spot 1 and 2)


weather and water June 1st 2019
weather and water June 1st 2019

fish rising to small buzzers – 9 degrees C

she must be crazy…

The weather goddess is in a bit of a crazy mood. However, when do you see green grass, and green leaves on the birches around … and some snow on the roof? Even though suddenly colder than expected, it has its charm too.

No worries, the weather goddess is not so crazy that she would let it be too cold for fishing. As soon the snow stopped, fish started rising again.

Its a mad world, definitely.

perfect timing

WOW, this seems like perfect timing. The weather looks very promising. Will we see one of those epic Skålestrømmen hatches already in the first week?

I certainly pray for it. The first guests coming all the way from Belgium certainly deserve it.

EWF 2019

A few impressions from the “Erlebniswelt Fliegenfischen” – EWF 2019
by Thomas Züllich – Skålestrømmen Fly Fishing in Norway

We have invested in Stickman rods so our guest can loan them should they not have a rod with them. We are not reselling these handmade products. Please refer directly to Akos at Stickman Rods should you be interested in these, in my opinion, one of the best rods on the market.