Fly Fishing vacations in Norway

Skålestrommen is a 100% private trout and Arctic char fishery. All fish are wild. There is a limit of 6 rods for the whole stretch. You have to be a guest of the hut to be able to fish Skålestrømmen. Licenses are not sold independently.

Fulfill your dream of vast landscapes, clear, fish-rich waters and pristine, pure nature. Far away from the hustle and bustle of popular fishing spots, you will fish in crystal-clear waters for our wild, strong Nordic trout and char.

Enjoy the sunsets, cook coffee on the campfire, tie up your own flies and improve your fishing techniques.

Our experienced, English, German and Norwegian-speaking host & guide is available around the clock with advice and assistance, and will support you with any questions you have. We show you the art of fly tying, work on your casting technique and guide you to the best fishing spots.

Our inclusive packages are designed such that you do not have to worry about anything, and can enjoy your stay in absolute freedom.

“Come as a guest and leave as a friend”

Skålestrommen is 100% private and independent. We guarantee undisturbed fishing in beautiful landscapes. Cozy accommodation in a single or twin room. All meals are included. Your guide looks after you around the clock and also lives in the building.

Norway is waiting for you! – For booking please call +47 97123033 or send an email to mail – English, Norwegian and German spoken.

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Dry fly heaven in norway

The fish (only wild trout and Arctic char) are very keen on dry flies all season from June to September. The area is perfect for those new to the sport of fly-fishing, however the fishing can be pretty challenging even for the avid angler.

The special climate and the structure of the waters around Skålestrømmen are the ideal habitat for trout. The insect life in the waters is incredibly rich and one can find all from Mayflies, Caddis and Stoneflies. The hatches and rises can only be described as epic.

Having been flyfishing in Norway each summer since 2004, I have visited many rivers and lakes and had many a good days fishing.However, I have never been fishing a place like the Skålestrømmen , with so many rising trout and with such a high quality of trout! Those days I/we fished the Skålestrømmen, have been the best flyfishing I have had in Norway and the most fun as well. Night fishing is especially awesome , where big caddis hatching brings out the big trout and char, and of course the big one got away due to a hook failure. So remember strong barbless hooks !

I can highly recommend visiting Skålestrømmen for serious trout flyfishing.
Torben Berg-Sørensen, Denmark


Right by the water

Cozy accommodation in twin rooms. All meals are included. Your guide looks after you around the clock and also lives in the building.

Settle in to our well-appointed lodge, right on the bank of lake Rengen. Watch the fish rise, moose grazing and the osprey hunt.

Take a closer look at the rooms and cabin here.